PE traffic Cone

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  • Brand   Saferoad
  • Type   PE197, PE198, PE199
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Product Description:

The PE traffic cone is made from PE new material, which combines the toughness of plastic, and has anti-aging, pressure resistance, drop resistance, light weight and durability. Combined with high reflective materials, the reflective effect is good.

1, with good flexibility, anti-automobile rolling, hard object impact will not be damaged.

2, with anti-sun, not afraid of wind and rain, heat, cold, no cracking, UV protection and so on.

3, white and red color is eye-catching, the night can reflect the dazzling light to make the driver at a glance. 

Product Usage:

Used in urban intersection lanes, highway maintenance, hotels, communities, stadiums, dangerous areas and road construction sites, etc.

Item No.:  Height  Base size  Reflective collar size Weight
PE197 50cm 280x280mm 11cm 1.5kg
PE198 75cm 380x380mm 22cm 2.5kg
PE199 100cm 490x490mm 32cm 5.0kg

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